A Perth based and Western Australian focussed gold and base metal explorer with an aim of rapid evaluation to value-add for share-holders.

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Seven Projects located near major gold producing centres.
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Projects located near major gold producing centres in highly prospective regions.

Ozz’s projects are located near major gold producing centres in highly prospective regions near Leonora, Cue, Meekatharra and Mt Magnet in Western Australia.

Ozz aims to rapidly explore and develop or sell economic resources with all projects in proximity to potential third-party toll treatment plants.

The corporate strategy will see projects actively assessed and the portfolio regenerated as necessary by progressively acquiring new projects.

Ozz will maintain a tight share holder registry by expedient use of shareholder funds and through toll treatment or sale of ore.

Mt Davis Project

Comprised of five granted prospecting licenses and two contiguous prospecting license applications.

The Mount Davis project near Leonora is located on a major terrane boundary and covers 5km of the Mount George Shear that is associated with the multi-million-ounce Gwalia and King of the Hills deposits.

Drill testing on part of this shear identified the Trig deposit with a non-JORC compliant inferred resource being estimated of 140kt at 2.3g/t. With 4km remaining to be drilled there is excellent potential to significantly increase the resource for future treatment at nearby processing plants.

Peterwangy Project

Comprises one granted exploration license and one Exploration License application.

The Peterwangy project near Geraldton is focussed on a 3km greenstone belt associated with a craton scale fault. Site of the first recorded gold rush in WA, there has been limited modern exploration and no drilling at the project despite extensive historic workings.

The Peterwangy Project comprises one granted exploration license (E70/5124) and one Exploration License application (ELA70/5691) covering 13 blocks for a total area of 4440 Ha, located in the Mid-West region of Western Australia. The granted EL is held by Provident Mining Pty Ltd (Provident) and the ELA is owned totally by Ozz.

Maguires Reward Project

Comprised of a single prospecting license covering an area of 200Ha approx 50km north of the major mining centre of Cue.

The Maguires project is located near Cue. Historic drilling has identified gold mineralisation in steeply south plunging shoots along two separate fault zones and Ozz considers that there is potential for further shoots to be discovered and for depth extension.

Drilling approvals are already in place to enable rapid commencement of drill testing. An Exploration Target was estimated of between 0.15 Mt at 4.3 g/t Au (11 koz) and 1.5 Mt at 2.31 g/t Au (111 koz). Following confirmation, the potential exists for toll treatment at Cue.

Rabbit Bore Project

Comprised of a single exploration license covering an area of 2100Ha in the Central Murchison area.

The Rabbit Bore project lies in a poorly explored greenstone belt around 800 m wide with a strike length of 5.5 km.  Past explorer and early prospectors have identified the potential for both gold and nickel-cobalt mineralisation. The project area is considered structurally very well-prepared for potential mineralisation with the northern extension of the Big Bell Fault passing through the tenure.

There has been no recorded drilling on the tenement and with transported material covering the northern 60% of the lease area, there is strong potential for unrecognised mineralisation.

Wardarbie South Project

Comprised of three prospecting licenses covering an area of 600Ha in the Central Murchison area.

The Wardarbie South prospect is located near Meekatharra contains a 3 km long contact between greenstone lithologies that hosts gold mineralisation which has been mined at various locations.  Historical workings in the area have a recorded production of 5,000 ounces from narrow quartz lodes.

No drilling has targeted this structure that has potential to host high grade auriferous quartz vein mineralisation.

Pinnacle Well Project

Comprised of a single large exploration license (E 37/1246) which was recently renewed for a 5-year period.

The project is located in the Archaean aged Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia and lies within the Kurnalpi terrane of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane.  At a district scale, the Leonora area hosts numerous world-class gold deposits which include the Sons of Gwalia, King of the Hills, Thunderbox, Darlot and Agnew gold deposits.

Base metal volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits such as Teutonic Bore, Jaguar and Bentley are located to the north.

Vickers Well Project

The Vickers Well Project covers two exploration tenement applications, E38/3732 and E38/3733, covering a total area of 251km2.

The Project is located north-east of Leonora and east of Leinster.  Access is via major regional secondary roads and station tracks.

The project is conveniently located in relation to our Leonora project and exploration camp at Linger and Die.

The area is interpreted as being underlain by Archaean granitoids, although the localised geology is poorly defined in the area.  Quaternary colluvial and alluvial cover is extensive over the leases.